I recently ran a discussion group in the Success Lounge on LinkedIn ( which I can highly recommend in itself if you enjoy hanging out with highly motivated people).

I asked for the most inspirational and motivational books people had read and the response was phenomenal, keeping the discussion in the top 5 for months and months. I thought I would share the response with you here:

 RECOMMENDATIONS ( from the generous souls in The Success Lounge, LinkedIn…with thanks):

 1)      Focus – By Mark Victor Hansen

2)      Mind Maps for Business

3)      Who moved my cheese?

4)      “Use your head”- Tony Buzane

5)      Getting things done”-  David Allen.

6)      A whole new mind” – Daniel H. Pink.

7)      ‘Think and Grow Rich”-Anthony Robins

8)      Every street is paved with gold; Succes secrets of a korean entrepreneur-Kim Woo-Choong

9)      Strategic Selling” –Robert Miller/Stephen Heiman.

10)  For management, –Dr. Peter Drucker
 Confessions of an S.O.B,- an autobiobgraphhy by Al Neuharth
 “The Millionaire Mind,- Dr. Thomas Stanley
 “How to Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive,-  Harvey MacKay

“When I Say No, I Feel Guilty,-  Dr. Manuel Smith

11)  The Gospel of John
Tao Te Ching

12)  Rich Dad, Poor Dad”-Robert Kiyosakai

13)  Road less travelled”-Scott Peck.

14)  The magic of thinking big – David J Schwartz

15)  Beach Money –Jordan Adler

16)  The Prodigal Daughter

17)  The Science of Getting Rich- Wallace D. Wattles

18)  “Grapes of Wrath”  John Steinbeck.

19)  Success mastery – Brian Tracy – “Everything matters”

20)  When you are sinking,become submarine- Pawan Choudhary.

21)  The Seat of the Soul– Gary Zukav

22)  Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People.


24)  Leading Change –John Kotter.

25)  Victory secrets of Attila the Hun – Wess Roberts Phd

26)  South- Ernest Shackleton

27)  To the Ends of the Air- G.E.Livock

28)  The road less traveled – M Scott Peck

29)  Oh the Places You’ll Go!- Dr Seuss.

30)  Ice to the Eskimos –Jon Spoelstra

31)  Taming Tigers –Jim Lawless

32)  Parable of Dollars – Sam Adeyemi

33)  Tipping Point” – Malcolm Gladwell

34)  The Power of Now- Eckert Tolle

35)  Outliers – Malcom Gladwell
 48 laws to Power – Robert Greene and Joost Elffers
Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

36)  You dont have to be born brilliant” or “You Inc.”- John McGrath.

37)  One Day My Soul Just Opened Up…..- Iyanla Vanzant.

38)  The games people play”

39)  Monk Who Sold His Ferrari-Robin Sharma

40)  How Green Was My Valley,

41)  All Quiet On The Western Front,

42)  East of Eden,

43)  Grapes of Wrath,

44)  Travels With Charley

45)  Pastures of Heaven

46)  The Richest Man in Babylon – George S. Clason

47)  “How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie

48)  The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T. Harvey Ecker.

49)  Never Eat Alone

50)  Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway! – Susan Jeffers

51)  The Voyage of the Space Beagle”  A. E. van Vogt

52)  The Treatises

53)  The Unmistakabe Touch of Grace – Cheryl Richardson.

54)  How to talk to anyone – Leil Lowndes.

55)  “Orbiting the Giant Hairball” Gordon McKenzie,

56)  A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson

57)  Crush it – Cash In On Your Passion- Gary Vaynerchuck.

58)  The John Wooden Pyramid of Success- Great John Wooden!

59)  Personal Power and the aforementioned Classic-Anthony Robbins

60)  ‘Believe’ – Buck Brannaman

61)  Chicken Soup for the Soul;

62)  The Shack (William P Young – novel);

63)  Tuesdays With Morrie (Mitch Albom – non-fiction);

64)  5 People You Meet in Heaven (Mitch Albom – novel)

65)  The Diving-Bell and The Butterfly’ – Jean-Dominique Bauby

66)  Trust Unwrapped – Dan Collins and David Thompson

67)  The Power of Kabbalah

68)  Inspiration for Success” – Dr. K. Peer Mohamed

69)  See you at the top –Zig Ziggler

70)  Over the top-Zig Ziglar

71)  The Global Negotiator- Jeswald W. Salacuse,

72)  The Requisite Organization.-Elliot Jacques

73)  Power Principles –Jeb Blount

74) GETTING PAST OK ,  Richard Brodie

 With special thanks to Vishram Godbole who kindly gave up his time to compile this list.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions here:


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