More about me

Yes! there’s more. Here’s a little more detail for those who like that sort of thing…

I started out in life wanting to be a lawyer. Well actually that’s not true. What I wanted was not to be a teacher as that’s what my mother had done and her mother before her. As a goal I certainly achieved ‘not becoming a teacher’ very well!

Instead I took myself off to university to study law and then worked in the legal department of a multinational company advising and travelling internationally. After 3 years the fun element had gone out of the job. Cut-backs meant travel was limited and I had a re-think. 

Sales and Marketing turned out to be far more exciting and cutting edge, and I spent many happy years marketing Sanatogen vitamins and Cod Liver Oil – and believe me if you can sell cod liver oil you can sell anything!

I took time off to raise a family and, 4 children and a divorce later, reassessed who I was and what I wanted out of life.

I retrained to become a Life Coach, found a new balance to my life, built in lots of fun (and then a bit more for good measure!) and now live life with a new enthusiasm, optimism and zest which I happily share with my clients.

I’m passionate abut my family and my work and strive hard to create the best balance I can.

I’m enthusiastic and passionate about developing people to be the best version of themselves. No matter what you want out of life, I just want you to discover and achieve it. I blend my experience in the corporate world with a wealth of coaching and training experience within the medical profession which has created a depth of knowledge that is hard to match.  My approach is tailored to achieve the results or find the answers you are looking for so that you can shape the future you want in a very authentic way.




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