My name’s Sarah Palmer and this is the page where I introduce myself….so it’s a bit me me me I’m afraid!

I’m absolutely fascinated by positivity. I’ve always been a bubbly and positive person and even though life has thrown some pretty tough stuff at me I’ve always bounced back. I started coaching in 2004 and what really struck me was how much I had to offer by simply sharing my positive outlook. Friends have even confessed that when they meet a crisis in their life ( as we all do from time to time) they hear my voice encouraging them and pulling them through. So, I came to the conclusion that I’ve either got some very weird friends or my approach to life has a profound effect on people.

I decided on the latter and Sarah Palmer Coaching was launched, providing one to one coaching over the phone around the world, or face to face. It’s been a tremendously exciting and humbling experience and has had wonderful results. Take a look at the Testimonials, book a session and try it for yourself. It’s fun and creates enthusiasm, energy and positive change that lasts.

As a fully trained Life Coach and and ACC accredited member of the International Coaching Federation I  work with private clients on a 1:1 basis (virtually or face to face) and am also a Consultant Coach for:

  • East Midlands Deanery – providing coaching for trainee doctors
  • Courageous Success – offering innovative high energy 1:1 development in private and public sector organisations
  • Power Speaking – certified trainer and coach to help executives deliver powerful and successful presentations

For more details please explore this site, or contact me using the form below


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