If we learn from mistakes, why are we frightened of making them?

Ok…I’m back blogging  by special request, after a period of hibernation ( thank you Claire )
I came a cross this question which made me stop and think, as I do from time to
time, and I thought it important enough to come back and  pose the question on my blog! Why
are we so afraid to make mistakes?

As the well known saying reassures us, mistakes are the very things
we learn from, right? Like teachers, lecturers, parents even, … and we
happily seek out their opinion, so why the fear surrounding mistakes? What is
it about getting something wrong that paralyses us so much that we fail to risk
doing something?

It’s really amazing to think that most of the modern day
inventions that we all take for granted in our day to day living, like the lap
top,computer or i-phone you’re reading this on ,would never have been invented
if the inventor had  been afraid of failure. By getting things wrong the
product was tweaked and modified, and will continue to do so, to bring us the
optimum in technology.

So, the 5 minute challenge of the day is to ask yourself:

If you knew that you would be a better person after making a
mistake, what would you dare to do?

Where is fear of failure holding you back in your life?

What would you do today if there was only success at the end
of it?

Set yourself the task of collecting a failure a week…
really! It’s amazing what you can achieve, and failing is so much more difficult
than you imagined!!

Have a good week!


photography thanks to graur codrin:

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