Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

This is the question that came up for me over the week-end and to my surprise the response was an emphatic ‘yes’! I was holding onto something because it gave me a sense of security and made me feel safe, but in doing so I was preventing myself from experiencing something quite wonderful.

The thing I happened to be holding onto was a physical thing, but it started me thinking about other areas of my life and how I could apply what I’d learnt.

The boundary to my garden, a thick inpenetrable tangle of brambles each of which appeared to be the width of my thigh and the length of the M5, and an entwined chaos of self-seeded trees and bushes, resembled Sleeping Beauty’s garden 99 years after the fateful spinning wheel experience! A possie of 5 poor unsuspecting Easter guests, who happened to be related to me and very enthusiastic gardeners, spent the week-end felling trees, hacking brambles and building bonfires. They opened up my  garden to reveal beautiful views of rolling Northamptonshire countryside, punctuated with spring lambs enjoying the freedom of their lush playground.

As I write this from my office I am no longer hemmed in by thick bushes bringing darkness and a false sense of security to my world. Instead the light is shining in, the views are stunning and I realise I feel just as secure as I’ve always felt.

So, it got me thinking…… again, yes, I know it’s becoming a habit!……what other boundaries do I have in my life, self-limiting beliefs and false security blankets that prevent me from letting in the possibilities and opportunities that lie beyond. Why be like Sleeping Beauty and tolerate a hundred years of inactivity when a lifetime of possibilitiy lies out there waiting?

5-Minute Challenge:

– Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted, breathe deeply and spend 5 minutes exploring the boundaries and self-limiting beliefs you’ve put up. Look closely as they’re often hidden under the guise of providing security, safety or habitual behaviour.

– What could you do if these didn’t exist. Write down 3 opportunities you could take up if these belief/boundaries were removed.

– How would that feel? Imagine your life without these boundaries and restrictions. What opportunities could you take advantage of and how would your life be different?

– Write it down. Tell someone. Make it happen….

I’d love to hear about your successes and challenges around this subject.

See the possibilities and look beyond the beauty of your dreams….

Warmest wishes,


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