Boot Camp Is Back! Make This Year Count!

ID-100114993Yes, it’s that time of year again folks. The one where we see all those New Year resolutions fade into the ether…. in fact , they’re probably such a distant memory that you’ve forgotten what they were.

So, how do you plan to make this year bigger and better?

I’ve recently hosted a reunion of the first ever Boot Camp I ran, entitled Your Best 12 Months Ever. As I eagerly awaited everyone’s arrival I wondered what to expect. Had they all failed at the first hurdle, had life thrown so much ‘stuff’ at them they’d been unable to stick to their plan? It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with story after story of success, success and more success and, while not everyone could claim it was their very BEST year, they had made huge decisions and were going through lifestyle changes that meant the next 12 months would be really rather fab! And YES, there were those that really had achieved their VERY BEST YEAR YET!

So, how had they done it? By stepping out of their lives for a day to take a long hard objective look at their lives to assess who they were, what was going to bring them success/happiness/money/confidence or whatever they wanted. They blasted self limiting beliefs out of the water once and for all and they made huge leaps forward. The deciding factor, however, was the plans they’d made for when they faltered or failed. Putting that support network in place and actually having a back-up plan made a huge difference.

I am immensely proud to their hard work and dedication throughout the last 12 months and feel honoured that they returned to share their stories.

So, why not get in on the action. I will be running Boot Camps for February and March only, on a first come first served basis.

Full details are below. Please use the contact form below for enquiries.

1-Day Workshop to make the next 12 months the best you’ve ever had!

Specifically for those who want an amazing 12 months, whether personally or professionally.

 No sweat or tears – just no nonsense techniques that get results!


What is a Boot Camp?

Forget the fluffy  workshops with more chat than personality – This is NOT for the faint hearted!

This Boot Camp will have you challenging yourself right from the minute you step through the door.

Packed with content that is practical and useable. You will be putting what you have learnt into practice immediately…. this I can promise you!

It will be an intense, in-depth and immensely empowering day, putting you right back where you belong –  in the driving seat of your life.

Personally run by Sarah of Sarah Palmer Coaching to pack the punches where you need it most!

This One day Boot Camp will enable you to:

Identify and get what you want out of life

Succeed in the things that are important to you, whether in business or personally

Stop fire-fighting and feel in control

Feel a sense of achievement

Accomplish more

Feel more fulfilled

Have more time to do the things you want to do

Have an amazing 12 months… better than you’ve ever had before

PLUS… Boot Camp Bonus Special : monthly updates to keep you motivated throughout the year!

This is an amazing day and places have to be limited to guarantee success.

                       Email  Now to reserve your place:  

When:  dates currently available in February and March

 Time: 9.30 – 4.00

Where: Market Harborough 

Price: Normal price £125. This Boot camp is on offer at just £95 for all bookings placed  more than 14 days in advance  –  price includes a delicious lunch and refreshments… PLUS Boot Camp Bonus to keep you on track and motivated throughout the year. Numbers are strictly limited and places allocated on a first come first served basis.



Still not convinced?……Read what others have to say :

Sarah’s workshop was a fun and invigorating experience, giving me many ideas for positive thinking and creating a good platform from which to launch a new life!” March 10, 2010

How Did Sarah’s coaching Change me?
– I started sleeping better and feeling great about myself.
– Was not scared to say no without feeling guilty
– People commented they like the new me with a smile on my face and coming across more confident outside my comfort zone.
– By thinking positive, positive things happened.
Sarah is a very special person…I cannot explain her but if you  want to change then there is no better. Working at a University one word sums up Sarah: a Genius who has a gift to give you what you want and deserve in life.”
Jan 2012

“Sarah provides a warm and welcoming environment in which to tackle any issues you need to move through. Calm, progressive and results based, she will demystify all the techniques and tools available, and go with you though the process of applying those. A great journey partner, she sheds light on often difficult topics with humour and warmth. An enthusiastic and widely knowledgeable practitioner – no ‘woo,woo’ here!” March 2, 2012

Sarah is very professional, yet makes you feel at ease and comfortable, allowing you to examine closely what is stopping you move forward and how to achieve your best year yet. Highly recommended.”

 “ I was invited to go along to Sarah’s course on how to make this year the best ever, and …. Well I really am having a very good year. Is it down to Sarah’s course? Well I think it is.
Sarah has a unique way of talking to you, not condescending or patronizing but one of genuine interest. She works with you helping you to highlight things that might have held you back in the past (I did not think I was held back, when I arrived on the course) and helping you put lots of small steps in place to help you fulfill your full potential/dreams /or simply get through life happy.
I would be happy to, and have, recommended Sarah to my friends.”
March 2012

This is an amazing day and places have to be limited to guarantee success.

                       Email  Now to reserve your place:  

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